Assistant Mayor-President, Governmental Affairs

Marcus Bruno, Assistant to Mayor-President, Governmental Affairs
Phone: (337) 291-8353

Bruno - resized for web.jpgMarcus Bruno began his career in the Criminal Justice System more than 25 years ago as a police officer in Lafayette. After three years of enforcing municipal and state laws, his career path led him to a job with the Louisiana Public Service Commission. This wasn’t a far leap from his previous job since it involved investigation and enforcement of utility and transportation regulations. Mr. Bruno worked under the title of Consumer Specialist for six years before heading back home to Lafayette to work for Lafayette Consolidated Government. Mr. Bruno started his 13 years of service as a Substance Abuse Manager for LCG and developed a drug free work policy. It wasn’t long before Mr. Bruno developed other programs and was given the title of Criminal Justice Administrator, where he supervised many different departments for LCG. Some of those departments were Alcohol Tobacco Action Control (ATAC), Court Services, Drug Court, and Community Policing. As for Court Services, Mr. Bruno changed the program from a costly one to a self supporting one where the revenue generated was enough to keep the program going. Changes were made in the program’s educational side of things also, so that the courses fit the offense. Seeing the need for a program to address drug offenders, Mr. Bruno took the lead on assembling a team of professionals to become what is now known as Drug Court. As the first administrator of the program, Mr. Bruno brought together judges, prosecutors, and counselors to begin the task of processing drug offenders into Drug Court and thus relieving strains on district court and the already over crowded jail. After leaving city government, Mr. Bruno ventured out on his own, creating La Consultants, LLC. Here, he began to establish working relationships with the Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole, and District Attorney Offices of areas surrounding Lafayette. Mr. Bruno started with introducing a work readiness program with the DOC work release center and has branched out to offering many other services to include educational and training programs.