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Recycling TruckCurbside recycling was implemented for residents in the City of Lafayette in 1988. Two years later, in 1990, the Compost Facility operation was begun.

Curbside recycling is available to citizens who reside in the City of Lafayette in a house, duplex, or triplex. The determining factor as to whether curbside recycling is available to residents is whether they receive the “total environmental charge” on their Lafayette Utilities System bill every month. Call (337) 291-5638 to get your recycling cart or for further information.

Recycling (Map) - To find out what day recycled goods are collected, click the link to the recycling map, type in your address, and then click the search button.

Drop-off recycling - Residents without curbside recycling can drop off recyclables at the Republic Services office, located at 201 Mire St in Scott. The same items that are collected with the curbside recycling program can be dropped off.

Click here for a complete list of Recycling Accepted and Unaccepted Materials.

Frequently Asked Questions – Recycling, Composting, and Household Chemicals.

Educational presentations – employees in Recycling and Composting are available to answer any questions about recycling, composting, or litter reduction – whether it’s on the phone, in a classroom, or at a meeting hall, even at the home of a group requesting a presentation. Educational presentations may be scheduled for groups. To schedule a presentation, call (337) 291-5638.

Household Chemical Day - Twice per year, in the spring and fall, residents in the City of Lafayette and in the unincorporated Lafayette Parish can drop off household chemicals such as paint and paint products, poisons, and chemical cleaners. These items should not be put into the garbage, poured down a drain, nor disposed of in any improper way. The specific site and date for the bi-annual drop-off day will be widely publicized leading up to the event. Please note that some items that were previously collected at household chemical days will no longer be accepted at the drop-off days. Motor oil, batteries, and tires will not be accepted; those items can be disposed of everyday at numerous locations around Lafayette. For more information on chemical disposal day or disposal of certain chemicals or many other things please call 291-5637.

The Lafayette Clean City Committee meets monthly at the Lafayette City-Parish Hall to plan activities that raise awareness of the benefits of a litter-free community. The public is invited and encouraged to attend these meetings. Get all the details by calling (337) 291-5638.

"Adopt-a-Road" – groups can pledge to select a stretch of road (generally ½ mile up to 2 miles) and keep it litter free. The groups have signs with their name placed at either end of their stretch of road. The Environmental Quality Division provides litter bags, gloves, safety vests and safety signs to each group when they are out cleaning their stretch of road.

Annual Trash Bash – groups such as boy scouts and girl scouts, church groups, and civic organizations sign up to clean litter from roadways, ditches, and the Bayou Vermilion. You select the road or waterway you want to clean. Participants are asked to drop off the trash and debris they collect to Environmental Quality Division personnel at a central location. Relax afterwards with a hot dog and a soft drink. The event is always in the spring so it’s pleasant weather to go out and do your part toward making Lafayette Parish cleaner. To get involved, call (337) 291-5637.

For more information on how to properly dispose of items such as household hazardous waste, appliances, large waste items, used oil, or any other items please contact the Environmental Quality Division at (337) 291-8529 or (337) 291-5637.

Recycling and Composting Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information on the Recycling section please contact Lisa Mahoney at (337) 291-5637 or email:

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